2023.10.11Press release

Launch of "Nile-JZ" Autonomous Capable Agricultural Drone with variable spraying that reduce environmental impacts

Nileworks Inc.

Nileworks Inc.(Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yasuhiro Kojima)On October 11, 2023 (Wednesday), Nileworks will begin the sales of the domestic autonomous flight drone "Nile-JZ," which is capable of variable spraying, contributing to the reduction of environmental impacts of its use.

Autonomous capable agricultural flight drone "Nile-JZ"

The "Nile-JZ" is based on the aircraft developed by the High-Specifications Drone Development Consortium, incorporating Nileworks' unique autonomous flight technology. Evolving the highly advanced autopilot functions cultivated in the previous model, "Nile-T20," it is compatible with Network RTK. The operational efficiency is increased by 20% compared to the previous model, capable of achieving more precise and higher altitude spraying. Even those without farming experience or advanced piloting skills can become experts in spraying.

Nile JZ's NileJZ_profile

The Nile-JZ has a foldable structure, making it convenient for transportation to fields and storage. Batteries, liquid agents, and granule agent tanks can also be quickly replaced. The compact and easy-to-handle design is accessible to those less confident with previous iterations of agricultural drones.

Battery pack for Nile JZ

Variable spraying for reduced environmental impact

The Nile-JZ allows for a range of autonomous flights settings. This includes adjustments to altitude, spraying width, perimeter turns, spraying flow rate, and flight direction. The flight route is automatically generated on demand using a smartphone after field mapping. The Nile-JZ also supports variable spraying by utilizing data obtained from satellite sources and crop monitoring drones. Planned collaborations include integration with their in-house cultivation support platform "NileBank" and other third-party software.

By achieving precise spraying in specific areas, this contributes to the goal outlined by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries to reduce the use of chemical pesticides by 50% and chemical fertilizers by 30%, based on risk assessment, by the year 2050, as part of the "Green Food System Strategy."

Map spray path in drone

Sale information

■ Catalogue: Please refer to the attachment

       Please refer to the Product Catalogue and detailed information

■ Sales date: From Wednesday, October 11, 2023

■ Sale price: Please inquire

■ Inquiries: Please contact us for the latest information, demonstration flights, events, quotation requests, training.

         ●Phone:+81 3-5577-3071

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■ Notice

From October 11 (Wednesday) to October 13 (Friday) 2023, Nile-JZ will be exhibited at the "13th Agriculture WEEK" held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba City in Japan.

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■ Related Information:

This product is based on the aircraft developed as part of the High-Specifications Drone Development Consortium's project "Development of Safe and Secure High-Specifications Drone for Agriculture and Utilization Technology," which is implemented by the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO). Nileworks is a member of the consortium.


*High-Specifications Drone Development Consortium:

• Representative Institution:Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

• Joint research institution:

Companies: Xacti Co., Ltd., Xacti Engineering Services Co., Ltd., Nileworks Inc. Yanmar Agri Co., Ltd.

Research institutes: National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Oita Prefecture Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research and Guidance Center, Kagoshima Prefecture Agricultural Development Center, Saga Prefecture Agricultural Experimental Research Center, Nagasaki Prefecture Agriculture and Forestry Technology Development Center


■ Company overview

Established:Janurary 2015

Address: 1-4-3 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda- ku , Tokyo

Representative: Yasuhiro Kojima, President and Representative Director

Business details: Development, manufacture, and sales of agricultural drones / Technology development and service provision in digital agriculture and agricultural Digital Innovation / Provision of agricultural work matching services


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