Analyzing growth through AI-powered proximity sensing and image analysisNileBank

Speeding up the development of growth management techniques
with cutting edge phenotyping technology

Using sensor drones, with Nilebank you can conduct wide-ranging observations of farmland quickly and in detail. It's AI analysis of captured images supports a wide range of crop analysis needs, from the growth status of grains and vegetables to disease detection.

Use casesHow you can utilize Nileworks at your farm

Use case 1: Growth analysisEnabling stable production of direct-seeded rice

Nileworks' unique crop phenotyping technology can be applied to direct-seeded rice cultivation.
You can also use proximity sensing and AI to optimize sowing of seedlings, and analyze and improve seedling establishment rates.

  • 1.Uniformity
  • 2.Sowing( Seeds / ㎡ )
  • Germination
  • Growth
  • 3.Seedlings( Seedlings / ㎡ )
  • Division
  • Heading
  • Maturation
  • Harvest( kg / ㎡ )
  • 1Ground levelness and Uniformity

    Analyzing the ground's evenness/uniformity for planting optimisation.

    Nile Bank analysis tool
  • 2Sowing count

    Count the number of seeds using image recognition and quantify seeding irregularities. This can then be used to improve seeding methods based on this data.

    Capture images of dispersed seeds in the field.
    Detect and count seeds
    using image recognition
  • 3Seedling Emergence Count

    Count the number of seedlings using image recognition.
    Calculate the distribution of seedling emergence rates within the field based on seeding and emergence counts.

    Capture images of seedlings in the field
    Detect and count seedlings
    using image recognition.

Use case 2: Disease detectionEarly detection of diseases and pests

Detect signs of disease and abnormalities from images using
Nileworks' multispectral camera.

Example A: Detecting signs of disease in grapes
Example B: Detecting signs of disease in potatoes

We offer customized solutions for detecting diseases in various grains, vegetables, and fruit trees.
Our sensing methods and detection software are developed and provided according to your specific needs

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Service OverviewOur services we offer for Nileworks



  • 1Growth analysis

    Average size analysis
    Analysis of field levelness and height difference using a drone
    Growth analysis
    Analyze growth status using proximity sensing, NDVI etc.

    *NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) is an index that indicates the distribution status and activity of plants.

  • 2Disease detection

    Disease detection
    Disease detection using multispectral cameras, etc.
    Automatic Detection
    Automatic detection of lesions and feeding damage using image analysis AI
  • 3Drone sense analysis consulting

    Drone sensing
    Providing know-how on sensing methods and shooting on behalf of each purpose
    Growth data analysis support
    Nurturing analysis support using various data such as images, sensor data, climate, etc.

Data ManagementOur platform

Analysis results can be aggregated on the Nile Bank growth management platform

In addition to the analysis results of the Agri-Assist Service, simulations can be linked from various data such as sensor data (water temperature, soil temperature, water depth), satellite data, weather, crop varieties, soil, etc.

Fertilizer effect simulation
Growth simulation