SustainabilityOur commitment to a more sustainable future

With the challenges of diminishing and aging agricultural communities in Japan, coupled with the escalating crisis in global food production due to rising hunger and environmental concerns, Nileworks stands well positioned to help. Through our advanced technological solutions, we are dedicated to achieving sustainable agriculture while safeguarding the delicate balance of the Earth's ecosystem.

Our planSustainability goals

01.Using advanced drones, we are helping create more sustainable crop production
Worldwide, children suffer from malnutrition due to inadequate food, while adults face health challenges. The reduction of arable land, driven by factors like global warming, abnormal weather patterns, and ecosystem disruptions, poses a significant threat to crop production. Innovative strategies are crucial to sustaining crop production while preserving ecosystems. Nileworks addresses this challenge by deploying advanced agricultural drones to minimize the reliance on chemical pesticides and fertilizers, promoting environmentally friendly farming practices.
02.Enhancing Agricultural Efficiency and Productivity with Agricultural Digital Innovation strategies and products
In response to the shortage of successors and the trends toward farmland consolidation and the expansion of agricultural production corporations in Japan, Nileworks is spearheading 'Digital Innovation in Agriculture.' By seamlessly integrating diverse datasets, including sensing data and work records, we aspire to gain insights into and forecast crop growth, offering tailored work proposals through our sophisticated data analysis. Our commitment to digital innovation not only addresses the pressing need for labor-saving and efficiency in agriculture but also positions the industry as an attractive and forward-looking option for the younger generation of farmers, contributing to improved quality and yield to align with evolving consumer preferences.
03.Crafting systems that prioritize both products and experiences, we are committed to a comprehensive approach that goes beyond tangible goods.
We not only create products but also pay close attention to experiences, aligning with the feedback from the agricultural field and community. For instance, beyond just manufacturing agricultural drones, we are delving into their practical applications. Collaborating with agricultural cooperatives (JA) and local governments, we are advancing pilot projects in agricultural machinery and sharing the learning to ensure the user-friendly utilization of agricultural drones. In the future, we will continue build close collaborations with various stakeholders, driving innovation, and establishing robust 'systems' that take root firmly.

Championing Global Sustainability GoalsTo contribute to a sustainable society, Nileworks is dedicated to pursuing the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), drawing inspiration from the United Nations' objectives:

  • Global Sustainability Goals 2

    We can support sustainable agriculture through our focus
    on Agricultural Drones and Agricultural Digital Innovation

  • Global Sustainability Goals 8

    We are supporting this goal by helping transform agriculture into a growth industry through smart farming

  • Global Sustainability Goals 9

    Our contribution is through our commitment to the spirit of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology

  • Global Sustainability Goals 15

    One of our advantages with our technology is the ability to reduce the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers to reduce environmental impacts of farming

  • Global Sustainability Goals 17

    We are contributing to this by creating new value through collaboration with stakeholders and communities

What are Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

In September 2015, the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit unanimously adopted the new "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" for the period until 2030. Guided by the principle of "No one will be left behind," the SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets. Nileworks is committed to contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through its business activities.