2015 - January
Nileworks established
- October
Completed drone flight control system (flight controller)
2016 - June
Completed fully automatic flight control system (automatic flight, automatic chemical spray pump ON/OFF)
2017 - April
Fully automatic flight control system: Successful flight with centimeter accuracy / Also equipped with automatic spraying function adjusted according to flight speed
- May
Adopted system in first external project to consider measures of safety for robotic technology in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries
- October
Jointly developed "intelligent battery" exclusively for agricultural drones with Maxell Corporation
- October
First external captial raise
2018 - May
Continuing from the previous year's project to measure safety for robotic technology
- July
Agricultural drone “Nile-T18” launched
- August
Camera for surveying growth via photosynthesis rate measurement intergrated into to system
- October
Won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award at the 8th Robot Awards in Japan
2019 - February
Second external captial raise completed
- May
Begun mass-producing drones at VAIO Corporation
- July
Agricultural drone "Nile-T19" sales begin/Japan's first aircraft equipped with LTE communication put into practical use
- September
Rice growth simulator prototype completed
2020 - January
Supported by the Innovation TOKYO Project to Open Up the Future (Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs)
- June
Supported/Approval by the Collaborative Support Project to Strengthen Commercial and Service Competitiveness (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry New Collaborative Support Project) *Agricultural drone sharing demonstration project
- July
Agricultural drone “Nile-T20” launched
- December
Third external capital raise completed
2021 - April
Support/Approval garnered from High-spec Drone Development Consortium of Jpan (Development of safe and secure agricultural high-spec drones and usage technology)
2022 - May
Agricultural platform “NileBank” service launched
2023 - January
Fourth external capital raise completed
- April
Farming matching “Bridge Boost” service launched
- August
Agri-assist service launched
- October
Agricultural drone “Nile-JZ” launched
2024 - April
Agricultural drone “Nile-JZ Plus” launched(Variable rate application compatible)