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Granule Farm's Successful Integration of Agricultural Drones

  • Rice paddy in local areaDrone

Granule Farm / Tuburi Co., Ltd. Representative Directors: Kenji Tamura, Mr. Daiki Chiba

Kuriyama Town, Yubari District, Hokkaido
Paddy rice/wheat
Pest control/sensing

Publication year: 2022

This project file is translated and summarised from an interview with Kenji Tamura, President of Takuri farming corporation.


Company President

Founded in 2001, “Granule Farm”, was the first agricultural production corporation in Kurizama Town in Hokkaido. It was initiated by eight farming households. President Tamura, who had been working for a local company after high school at the time, decided to get involved lead his family's agricultural business when the corporation was established. Farming for him was unfamiliar territory, it posed new challenges, especially with the number of retiring seniors and increasing responsibilities with running a business. Over the past decade, new members have joined, whilst this growth has been good for the business there has been an increasing sense of pressure looming. Looking ahead, the focus is now on passing the reins to the next generation. With a commitment to coexistence, local consumption, and self-sufficiency, Granule Farm aims to protect regional agriculture, provide safe, fresh, and delicious produce, and pursue environmentally conscious circular agriculture.

Energetic Youth and Flexible Thinking

New staff member

The business is made up of two directors and several field staff from younger generations, Granule Farm fosters a culture of flexible thinking and responsible experimentation. One such initiative was the introduction of Nileworks' Drone. Staff member Chiba, previously a waiter at a French restaurant and a certified wine sommelier, joined Granule Farm out of a growing interest in raw ingredients and a desire to contribute to the community. Starting with zero experience, Chiba, now a young leader, primarily oversees the cultivation of Welsh onions and garlic, utilizing Nileworks' Drone for rice field pest control.

Initial Pest Control by Farmers in Vast Hokkaido Fields

Rice feild with Drone

Granule Farm initiated pest control using Nileworks' Drone in 2019, marking the first instance of farmers themselves operating the drone in Hokkaido. Fields in Hokkaido are expansive, and using unmanned helicopters for spraying is significantly faster. However, Nileworks' Drone's autonomous flight allows uniform spraying even in fields the size of a town, providing both mental and physical relief for staff. With a simple press of the "start" button on the tablet, the drone takes flight, returning to its take-off point when batteries or pesticides are running low. The process is uncomplicated, reducing mental stress and enabling work at a comfortable pace. In 2020, pest control expanded to include wheat.

Venturing into Granule and Pea Herbicide Application – A Step Towards the Future

Granule dispenser machine

In 2021, Granule Farm used Nileworks' Drone for the application of granular herbicides, taking a step towards the future by efficiently applying the required amount. Conscious of adapting to the region and being environmentally friendly while applying pesticides and fertilizers, Granule Farm believes this approach contributes to the taste of their produce. Looking ahead, they aspire to incorporate new technologies, adapt to societal and environmental changes, and continue developing a path that connects the rich farmland to the future of Hokkaido. The fundamental principles of their team remain rooted in the words "delicious" and "thank you," and they aim to pass on the legacy of abundant farmland to the next generation, forging a path towards Hokkaido's future.

Tuburi Co., Ltd.

Kuriyama Town is blessed with the vast nature that is unique to Hokkaido, and is active in supporting immigrants and providing natural environment education and food education for children. Takumi also welcomes people with no experience in farming and holds rice planting classes for local children. While valuing nature and our friends, we cultivate rice, wheat, soybeans, vegetables, and mushrooms in the winter, and are also working on growing rice flour and chestnut trees. We continue to strive for more sustainable agriculture by producing high-quality crops with low or reduced pesticides.
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