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Embracing Innovation: The journey of Farm Koguriyama
with Nileworks' agricultural drones

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Mr. Takayoshi Misawa from Farm Koguriyama in a field

Farm Koguriyama Agricultural Cooperative CorporationRepresentative Director: Mr. Takayoshi Misawa

Mitsuke City, Niigata Prefecture
Paddy Rice
Pest control/analysis

Publication year: 2022

In the heart of Niigata Prefecture's Mitsuke City, Farm Koguriyama, a cooperative agricultural entity founded by 25 local farmers in 2007, has embarked on a transformative journey with Nileworks' agricultural drones. This project file is translated and summarised from an interview with Takayoshi Misawa, Representative Director from Farm Koguriyama. In the interview he reflected on the sentiments of the cooperative, their experiences, challenges, and the profound impact of technology on their rice cultivation practices.

Impressed by Nileworks' vision

Nileworks at an exhibition in 2016

Farm Koguriyama’s encounter with Nileworks dates back to 2016 during an exhibition. Despite Nileworks being in its early stages of research and development, the cooperative was intrigued with the concept of drone-assisted pesticide spraying and sensing. The vision of "precision agriculture from the sky" excited them, and the incorporation of propeller guards for minimal accidents instilled a sense of confidence. With a genuine commitment to agriculture and meticulous research, Farm Koguriyama felt an instant connection, marking the beginning of a lasting relationship.

Utilizing drones for flexible pest control

Mr. Takayoshi Misawa from Farm Koguriyama with a drone

The adoption of Nileworks' agricultural drones began in 2018, and despite initial challenges, the cooperative introduced them for pest control in 2019. With eight different rice varieties and varying flowering periods, Farm Koguriyama found the flexibility of the drones appealing. The ability to deploy drones at any time for pest control has become a valuable asset for the cooperative.

Committed to taste and continuous innovation

Mr. Takayoshi Misawa from Farm Koguriyama in a field with rice

The farmers who founded the cooperative all come from diverse backgrounds, however they had a shared focus on for developing taste in their products. Misawa, who assumed leadership without prior farming experience, integrated his expertise from a different industry. The cooperative's commitment to delivering high-quality produce led them to Nileworks' drones for innovative approaches. Despite acknowledging the risks inherent in experimentation, their philosophy of "try it first" guides their approach to challenges.

Venturing into new territories with data utilization

Nileworsk water sensor

In 2021, Nileworks introduced water field sensors, prompting Farm Koguriyama to embark on new data-driven experiments. They explored utilizing water level and temperature data for cultivation planning, aiming to enhance water management efficiency. Additionally, they delved into the analysis of images captured by the drone's camera to predict crop yields and assess land topography for potential levelling. As these multifaceted experiments unfold, Koguriyama Farm envisions growth as an organization and contributions to the local community through enhanced cultivation planning and operational management.

Farm Koguriyama, agricultural cooperative corporation

We produce rice, beans, and asparagus in Koguriyama, Mitsuke City, in the middle of Niigata Prefecture. Kariyata River, part of the Shinano River system, has abundant spring water flowing from the mountains, and is a place where Genji fireflies dance in the summer. By combining the power of rich nature, high-quality water, and people, we are taking on the challenge of bright and enjoyable agriculture for the future. We aim to produce “delicious, safe, and reliable agricultural products'' that will make local residents and customers happy.
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